Wirplast offers ventilation outlets with a profile connection corresponding to each roof covering!



Humidity is a ubiquitous element in the air. If there is more than is needed, it should be treated as a pollutant and the excess should be vented.

When the exhaust air is exposed to colder outdoor temperatures, condensation can form on the inner walls of the ventilation ducts, causing the ducts to become damp, which significantly increases the risk of mould and fungal growth.

The risk of condensation is highest in winter and in year-round use of rooms with high water vapour generation, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Wirplast developed the EVO type outlets to solve this problem.

In Wirplast EVO, all products (even non-insulated ones) are equipped with 24 high-capacity ducts for optimal condensate drainage outside the ventilation outlet.

To choose the right outlet for your roof, space and needs, we recommend you to consult the professional and experienced consultants of SIA “WirplastBaltic”!

Roof vents provide air exchange within rooms. Protects the building from the formation of fungi and reduces humidity. Extends the service life of the structure.

Wirplast EVO roof vents are available in 4 equipment variants:

  • Insulated – insulated, prevents condensation
  • Uninsulated – uninsulated, for sewer riser or cold attic
  • With mechanical fan – designed for large rooms (gyms, attics, etc.), works with very strong draught and with the smallest gust of wind
  • With an electric fan – forced ventilation for bathrooms and kitchens where there is increased humidity and steam. It is also possible to connect to the regulator (when necessary during operation or after settings). The motor is on the roof, there is no fan sound or vibration.