Roof ventilation

WIRPLAST Roof vents – efficient roof ventilation for different roof coverings!

Wirplast Roof vents are a well-known, widely used and effective ventilation solution. Fresh air in the building and a quality ventilācijas sistēma not only affect the comfort and health of your family, but also the lifetime of the building!


Natural ventilation is the simplest and oldest known solution - you can open windows or doors and fresh air will flow into the building in the same way. But, as is known, such a solution for ventilation is not the most effective - when opening windows for ventilation, heat is inevitably lost, and various dust, odors, smoke, etc., can enter the building through the window, which worsens the air quality.

Polluted and humid air penetrates building structures and causes mold growth. In order to get rid of it after that, repair work must be carried out, which creates high costs, as well as endangers the health of people and animals living in the premises.

In order to prevent the appearance of such damage, it is necessary to think about the creation of ventilation systems in advance - preferably already in the building design process, especially thinking about the ventilation of the roof structures.


Why should you think about the ventilation of the roof structure in particular?

Because the roof structure of any building is always affected by moisture, so it must be adequately ventilated! It is a place where condensation, mold and fungus occur, and it is also affected by heat.

In order to avoid this, the roof structure must be built correctly, also following the installation instructions of the roofing manufacturer. Sometimes building owners think it's just a small thing, but properly designed roof ventilation has the most direct impact on the life of the roof covering itself and the longevity of the building.

It is also necessary to create ventilation in order to ensure air circulation inside buildings - this should be especially considered in places where food is prepared, moisture, steam and various odors are emitted (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, technical rooms, etc.). In such rooms, ventilation is necessary in any case - some of them require natural ventilation, while others require forced ventilation.

The necessary air can be extracted from the building using different types of Wirplast roof-mounted ventilation outlets. By supplementing the roof with a ventilation outlet, it will not only fulfill its basic function of ventilation, but also create a pleasant visual image of the roof.


WIRPLAST is a family company founded in Poland with many years of tradition and excellent wide range of products.

Already since 1994. Since 2007, it has been offering top quality roof ventilation systems and roof accessories for all roofing applications in the construction industry.

During almost 30 years of operation, WIRPLAST has become a manufacturing company that develops dynamically and energetically. The products are produced on high-productivity lines that are constantly being modernized.

The goal of the company is the highest production quality, a wide range of assortment, aesthetic appearance, competitive prices and timely fulfillment of orders.


Wirpast roof outlets are available for all popular roofing materials:

      • for asbestos-free slate,
      • clay and concrete tiles,
      • metal tiles,
      • bitumen shingles,
      • for rolled section,
      • trapezoidal,
      • for flat and flat roofs.

The system includes various types of ventilation and other roof outlets to allow ducts, antennas, cables and anything else to pass through the roof covering.

Roof roof vents are available with connection to most roof materials. They are available in different sizes with different types of functionality (insulated, non-insulated, with mechanical or electric motor). Also, the variety of their colors is relatively wide, so that it is possible to choose the right ventilation outlet for your roof.

It is important that all outputs are available in a ready assembly kit (tower, connection, screws). Butyl sealing ensures a completely hermetic connection to the element on the roof. Butyl is flexible - it does not crumble or harden, thus ensuring complete sealing.

Each WIRPLAST roof ventilation outlet can be adjusted, so the built-in spirit level ensures accurate vertical assembly, as well as shorter assembly time. The special surface treatment provides special resistance to large temperature fluctuations, corrosion and UV rays.

Wirplast roof outlets - tested quality all over the world!