Solar connections

NEW! Wirplast solar connections with double nozzle

WIRPLAST solar connections are designed to run the solar panel pipes and wires through the roof covering.


The previously used rubber tip has been replaced with a double one, which ensures that both pipes and wires can be connected to the solar panels.

Available in 10 colors from the RAL catalog for all types of roofing (bitumen shingles, concrete and clay tiles, asbestos-free slate, etc.) - you only need to choose the appropriate roof profile connection!

The cover of the element is removable, which provides free access for more convenient repair and preventive work.

The rubber tip ensures a hermetic connection.

Complete assembly: solar connection, black EPDM rubber tip, screws in the colour of the connection.

WIRPLAST roof outlets - proven quality all over the world! The system includes various types of ventilation and other roof outlets to allow ducts, antennas, cables and anything else to pass through the roof covering.