WIRPLAST offers top quality roof ventilation systems
in the construction industry since 1994. for all the most popular roof coverings.

WiroVent®EVO roof vents

WiroVent®EVO is the latest design of WIRPLAST ventilācijas sistēma. It retains WIRPLAST's signature ring design, but has been redesigned. Assembling the outlet has become even easier, as several elements can be connected to each other with the "KLIK" assembly technology. The level indicator built into the outlet has changed location. In the EV O ventilation system, all products (including non-insulated ones) are equipped with 24 high-capacity channels, which ensure optimal drainage of condensate outside the ventilation outlet.

WiroVent®PRO roof vents

The WiroVent®PRO ventilācijas sistēma is the next evolution of the WIRPLAST factory products. In this version, the factory, based on the experience of building owners and roofers, made various improvements in both design and functionality.

WiroVent®PLUS roof vents

WiroVent®PLUS was the first outlet design completely developed by WIRPLAST. At that time, it was a revolutionary solution in the roof ventilation market. The most characteristic element of the WiroVent®PLUS system is the special ring construction. It ensures a free flow of air, and snow and rain are drained away from the body.